Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Carols

Karen at Kidsmomo rules!

If you desperately want to hear me sing, you can listen to The Overdue Blues.

I've been singing on the announcements because the 6th graders love it and the 8th graders HATE it. They moan. It's great. In case anyone else might like to torture amuse students, here are some of my lyrics this year.

To the Tune of Jingle BellsEvery day I hope that people love to read
And they find a book that they really need.
But the one they want is underneath your bed
Gathering some dust and not being read.

So clean out your bag, and your locker too.
If you’re still not done with it, you can just renew !


Overdues, overdues are driving me insane !
When you want The Hunger Games, how can I explain
Overdue, overdue, you forgot to look.
Let’s get in those overdues
And check out new books!

To the Tune of Winter WonderlandSchool is out, bells are ringing. All is quiet, no more singing.
There’re no overdues. They’ve all been renewed.
In Ms. Yingling’s library wonderland

All the children are reading. Got all the books they are needing.
I get to sit down And smile not frown.
In Ms. Yingling’s library wonderland.

In the meadow I will build a snowman
And make sure that he has books to read
I’ll say “How ‘bout history?”
He’ll say “Go, man”
Ms. Yingling, you sure know what’s great to read.”

Later on, I’ll be resting because I’m not jesting
It really is true two thousand books are due
The day we’re back from library wonderland.

To the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming to TownYou'd better return ,you'd better renew
and have a great book that's working for you.
Overdues are dragging me down.

I want you to be happy and meet your AR goal
and read so much in SSR that you get no lump of coal.
You'd better return, you'd better renew
and have a great book that's working for you.
Overdues are dragging me down.


  1. Ohhhh, you have GOT to record this for us! Hilarious! I need to keep this at the desk and sing it at my worst offenders...

  2. Will this show up on the Karen's Kristmas cd? (I almost said "album")

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM EST

    Now that is THE coolest thing.
    I bet they all secretly think it is neat. B.

  4. Those are seriously hilarious. Hope they worked. Happy holidays!

  5. Great lyrics! And thanks for linking to us! Although I probably should have kept my mouth shut and just posted the lyrics instead of foisting my voice upon the world! :-)