Friday, June 12, 2009

Peace, Love and Baby Ducks

There are some authors of whom I am not overly fond, but I do keep reading their work, just in case. Lauren Myracle is one of them. I did like this book more than her others.

Carly, who lives a privileged life in an Atlanta suburb, has spent the summer volunteering at a work camp. When she arrives home, she chafes at the cushy life she leads, and is surprised that her younger sister has blossomed and become attractive to boys, which leads to some trouble. Carly tries hard to embrace an alternative lifestyle (tie dyed t shirts instead of pink designer wear), but doesn't seem to move much beyond surface effects. This made me dislike Carly-- she embraces sixties music, but doesn't seem to internalize the message of it, because it would be inconvenient. This is really for high schoolers due to some of the content.

This reminded me of Rachel Vail's Lucky, which also didn't quite deliver the message it intended to deliver.

Also looked at Stephanie Tolan's Wishworks, which was much too young for middle school.

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