Friday, June 05, 2009

Last year (March 8) I mentioned the HarperCollins First Kisses series. Finally got the fourth one, Love at First Click by Elizabeth Chandler. There are two wonderful things about these books-- they are about high schoolers but have nothing inappropriate, and they have strong female characters who have their own interests and stumble upon romances by chance.

Hayley is the school newspaper's sports photographer. She is hard working, no-nonsense, and level-headed, with the exception of a "camera crush" on Flynn. Her older sister, Breeze, is more interested in clothes and boys, and is rather demanding of her boyfriends. When her current inamorato, Jared, neglects her because of football season, she starts dating Flynn. Hayley ends up spending a lot of time with Flynn's young sisters, and gets to know Flynn better, to Breeze's chagrin. The ending will have all of my romance readers sighing pleasantly. Light, fun, escapist fiction for the preteen set.

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  1. Sounds like a really nice read... teenage... (sigh)...