Thursday, June 04, 2009

Library Office???

There's the shelving down; and the circulation desk moved across the aisle from where it was. The space is wonderful, and the library is much more open. Two student computers will be located about where the date is stamped on the picture on right.

Here's the philosophical musing of the day: should I move the circulation desk just a little closer to the door and have a small "office"? The shelving behind (where I just moved the fiction) could be used for reference and career books (which are seldom used). I could have all my materials for processing, and perhaps even a flat work space.

The view of the library is still very clear, but I am concerned that this would make me less accessible. Since this would involve moving every book in the library AGAIN, I'm consulting staff members and not moving anything today.

Later: Ha ha ha. Annoyed everyone about it first thing and started moving books at 9:00 a.m. Now I have an office! It only involved moving 4,000 books or so. Note the reference collection behind the circulation desk, the desk, the shelves for processing books. I even have a moveable work table that is at my height! Just need the electrical and ethernet wiring moved, and I am in business! Of course, who knows how long we'll have to live with the dirty linoleum. Won't bother me. Behind the desk, I have new tile, which could easily be painted with a hopscotch grid!

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