Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Harrison; Colman

While Lisi Harrison's It's Not Easy Being Mean was easy to read, it wasn't very good. Claire has unrealistically become a sought after Hollywood starlet, and Massie is given a chance to find a key to a "secret" room at OCD where she and her friends will be able to hang out. I'm getting tired of these because they are mean and take odd liberties with reality. Picky Reader likes them.

Also picked up Hila Colman's 1977 Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother, which was not too bad, although the mother is portrayed in a way that I can't see an author using today. Basically, Dallas' father dies, her mother doesn't cope well and wants to hang out with Dallas and her 17 year old friends when she is not busy getting drunk and being dysfunctional. Dallas thinks it might be a good idea to marry her boyfriend in a year so she doesn't have to deal with her mother. I can see girls who like problem novels enjoying this one, and aside from a couple of pantsuits that sneak in, and a lengthy description of getting ears pierced (a big deal at this time-- that's exactly the year I got my ears pierced!), it's not that dated. I do love the rebound cover-- it's dark peach with turquoise and green designs. It will last forever, unlike the new books which fall apart when students look at them!

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