Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wolfson's What I Call Life

May have to buy this one, since it was such a good description of a positive foster care placement. It follows an 11 year old whose mother has an episode in the public library and ends up in the care of "The Knitting Lady", who has several other girls in her care, all with different issues. There is a second story line that the caregiver delivers a bit at a time, while telling stories to the girls, and it is oddly intriguing, especially figuring out early on that the lady is telling about her own, less than optimal childhood, as well as that of her mother.

All in all, very good. I will check it today with my "problem novel" readership to see if it is something that they would like, but it is nice to read some books that I end up enjoying. There have been so many lately that have just been bad.

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