Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marily Sachs

First of all, congratulations to this author for having a web site! A lot of authors who have been in print for a while don't do this, and it is a huge help in getting students interested.


Lacking the concentration at the moment to figure out the different Tamora Pierce series (Loved Alanna, by the way. Loved a lot.), I took home a pile of Sachs' work as comfort reading. I was not disappointed. Veronica Ganz (still in print after almost 30 years) was worth reading, if only to ascertain that it is indeed historical fiction. Set during the Depression, it reads more like a fun modern story until the brother goes Christmas shopping with 15 cents! Will get this one out today.

Also liked Fourteen, which is not a surprise, since I swear I had the very same outfit when I was in high school, which is roughly contemporaneous with the publication date (1983). This one will go out as a "historical" pink book-- pink doesn't really change, although the cover fashions do. And it's serious pink-- new neighbor boy has some problems, and I loved the description about the mother being an author. Much fun.

Also liked Ghosts in the Family when I read it a while ago. There are quite a number of books by this author in the library, but I should probably go back to the "P" authors for a while.

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