Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Scott Westerfeld--Uglies!

Have to say-- Westerfeld is a super new author. All of his books have been going out wildly, and his Uglies, Pretties and Specials books are never, ever in.

I should have guessed at their success when my daughter wanted Uglies at the book fair. Okay. Read it, intriguing enough. A futuristic society where everyone gets cosmetic surgery at 16. Sort of Harrison Bergeron-esque.

However, there is a group of normally reluctant readers--GIRLS-- to whom it would never occur to me to recommend sci fi who are devoring them. One a night. And these are long books. I will have to wait for the summer to finish the series, because they are never on the shelf.

Got a lovely comment (thank you) that I should read Peeps. How could I not have mentioned that? Peeps is great stuff, although not for the faint of stomach! Based on the idea that vampirism is caused by a parasite that is transmitted by kissing and cats and can drive most people insane, it jumps right into a great adventure complete with great ugly worms boiling up from the bowels of the earth. A little romance, way too much information about parasites (NEVER go swimming in a tropical river. NEVER.), and general saving the world. As I said, Last Days (the sequel) is a little confusing at first, but makes sense in the end. Both are must reads!

The Midnighters Trilogy is also good, and involves kicking some supernatural evil rumps, which you have to love. Need to read books 2 and 3.

So Yesterday also checks out well. Pales in comparison to everything else, but a good mystery.

In short, the Westerfeld section in my library is always pretty empty! Makes my job much, much easier!!

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  1. While waiting for that series to find its way back on the shelves, try reading his book Peeps and I think the sequel is called The Last Yesterdays. I loved those way more than I loved the Uglies series, although that series is what got me started reading Westerfeld's work in the first place.