Monday, March 05, 2007

Heavy Metal and You

If there was ever a book for which I had high expectations, it was this book. I had a student last year who only wanted to read things about heavy metal music; very little is appropriate. I even wrote to a band (Metallica, perhaps?) to ask if the members could recommend books; they sent a nice sticker and an autographed post card, but could not send any titles the band members liked. So this book, by Christopher Krovatin (who, having been born in 1985, is six years younger than the vest I wore to work the other day), which was about a boy who liked a girl who did NOT like his lifestyle-- would he change, etc.-- sounded perfect. I even read through the TWO PAGE acknowledgements. Note to all authors: anything over two lines (in short: To Mom and Dad, who supported me in spite of heavy metal, and my friends, who supported me because of it) is not going to be read by the general populace. Put them in the back.

Line 8. That's how long he held off before he dropped the F-bomb. And not in a constructive, realistic way. No one was shot in the foot by a policeman. Just felt like swearing. To the girlfriend. And a few milder words, and then our old friend again on page 11. Combine that with constant name dropping of bands, which were so obscure that I couldn't tell if they would date quickly or not, and I gave up. It's too bad. With a little more adult supervision, this probably could have been a compelling book. You hit me with words the students are not allowed to say that early in the book, and there is no way I am going to bat for it.

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