Friday, March 30, 2007

Mark Harmon-- Skate

Got the copy I ordered the day after I read the public library copy. There was some language, but I liked the story. (From my catalog-Facing a disintegrating home life and trouble at school, teenager Ian McDermott runs away with his younger brother to Washington State in search of safety, justice, and their long-absent father.) Boy is is trying to keep things together at home (drug addicted mother, developmentally delayed brother, no food), and gets kicked out of school for a fit of violence provoked by rude teacher.

A friend of mine who generally dislikes fiction liked it. The first student I loaned it to liked it. My principal couldn't finish it because the principal in the book was so evil, which I hadn't considered, but he did say it was a fairly accurate description of the home life some students have. I found that I could remember a lot about the book even after time has passed, so it was memorable and effective. Well worth it. Just apologies to any principals!

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