Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Willo Davis Roberts

This prolific author died in 2002, and is sorely missed. Her book Don't Hurt Laurie is the single most popular book about child abuse that I have, and well-done, too. Last night I read her A View From the Cherry Tree, which is a fast-paced mystery with lots going on. I think that boys who normally read comedy would like this, although it isn't really funny. Nightmare is good for the older students, especially boys, and involves a road trip and someone stalking the main character. Megan's Island was really good-- the title doesn't really suggest a mystery, but I think that this one will be very popular. All of these titles will be off of the shelves today, I know!

Did not much care for Birdsall's Notes From a Near Life Experience, or Jonsberg's Am I Right or Am I Right. Both fell under the quirky/dysfunctional category and were sort of drab and depressing, belying their bright covers. Quirky dysfunctional is hard going for me under the best of circumstances, the main exception to this being Sarah Weeks' So B. It, which is quite wonderful.

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