Friday, March 30, 2007

Jeff Stone's Five Ancestors

Another hooray! Starting on the second book (Monkey) made it hard for me to follow the plot (some mentor is found to have killed student's father; revenge must be taken), but that's not why I liked the book. It's got action! Scurrying! Martial arts! An odd amount of spitting! And no talking animals! (I must have been laboring under the impression that the animals talked when I first saw this series, but a student recently mentioned it, so I checked it out.) It's clearly set in 1650 AD, which is so helpful when students have to read historical fiction and need to prove it to their teacher.

The best part about this book is that the chapters are short and things happen all the time. Chases, fights, general running about. Definitely getting the set, perhaps even in Bound-to-stay-bound, since the copy I borrowed is a Random House Gibraltar Bound, which might as well be called Marshmallow Bound for as well as they wear. Grrr.

Action packed historical fiction! I'm so happy!

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