Monday, October 02, 2017


Have to say that I am more excited about the #MGBooktober tag on Twitter than I should be:

1- I was reading Winterhouse and Addison Cooke and the Tomb of the Khan
2- Beverly Cleary's Fifteen. Silly, but I love it!
3- Terry Lynn Johnson's Ice Dogs
4- Torn between Nelson's The Girl Who Owned the City and Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451!
5- Lowry's Anastasia Krupnik, sadly. I must have been an annoying kid
6- Heldring's The Football Girl. Bought six copies, three with school money and three with my own!
7- Michael Currinder. Running Full Tilt was awesome YA stuff suitable for MG as well.
8- Roderick Townley's The Great Good Thing. Chapter 9 gets me EVERY TIME.
9- Weber's A New and Different Summer is all about food. My actual favorite book, but shameful!
10- Mo Willem's Diva and Flea
11- Eve Titus' Basil of Baker Street
12- Penelope Farmer's Charlotte Sometimes
13- Nancy Rose's The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story
14- Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth
15- Joe and Beth Krush
16- Spinellis' Hokey Pokey. I just didn't get it and couldn't figure out how to say anything nice about it. Only review I have ever deleted.
17- The grandmother in Betty Brock's No Flying in the House.
18- Anderson's Ms. Bixby's Last Day. This also made me cry!
19- Anything by Jordan Sonnenblick. I have them all on my desk.
20- Hate to admit it, but Anne Shirley. The teen Anne annoys the heck out of me now, but she does mellow, and I think we would have transitioned to an adult friendship as well.
21- Can't decide between Gibbs' Belly Up and Ponti's Framed!
22- Pierce's Tortall. Hands down.
23- Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Oddly, coming in second might be Ship of the Dead!

I'll update this throughout the month and try REALLY hard not to answer EVERY question with The Football Girl or Stormbreaker!


  1. I love this tag too! Look forward to seeing the rest of your list.

  2. I never do these sorts of things, but you drew me in somehow :-)