Sunday, October 15, 2017

Books that Could be Nominated for Cybils MGF

So far, there are 70 books that have been nominated: in previous years, there have been up to 150. I'd love to give everything a fair chance, and would like to see lots more nominations! Here are some books that I hvaen't seen nominated yet; if you were passionate about a title, hope over to  to read the category descriptions and nominate away!

This is just SOME of the books that I would like to be nominated!

Asher, Diana Harmon. Sidetracked
Behar, Ruth. Lucky Broken Girl
Benedis-Grab, Daphne. Army Brats
Bowen, Fred. Outside Shot
Buyea, Rob. The Perfect Score
Carter, Caela. Forever, or a Long, Long Time.
Dee, Barbara. Halfway Normal.
Freeman, Ruth. One Good Thing About America.
Galante, Cecelia. Stealing Our Way Home
Gangsei, Jan. The Wild Bunch
Giff, Patricia Reilly. Genevieve's War
Greenwald, Tommy. The Real Us
Hashimoto, Meika. The Trail
Hughes, Dean. Four-Four-Two
Johnson, Terry Lynn. Falcon Wild
Johnson, Terry Lynn. Sled Dog School
Key, Watt. Hideout
Krishnaswami, Uma. Step Up to the Plate, Maria Singh
Lambert, Mary E. Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes
Lupica, Mike. Lone Stars Mancusi, Mari. Princesses, Inc.
Margolis, Leslie. We Are Party People
Miller, Darcy. Roll
Palmer, Iva-Marie. Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook
Palmer, Robin. Love You Like a Sister
Paterson, Katherine. My Brigadista Year
Pla, Sally J. The Someday Birds
Ridge, Yolanda. Inside Hudson Pickle
Rosenberg and Shang. This is Just a Test
Sheinmel, Courtney. Chloe on the Bright Side (The Kindness Club #1)
Sonnenblick, Jordan. The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade
Spradlin, Michael. Prisoner of War
Tarpley, Natasha. The Harlem Charade
Trueit, Trudy. My Top Secret Dares and Don'ts
Tubbs, Kristine O'Donnell. A Dog Like Daisy
Vaught, Susan. Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood's Revenge
Van Draanen, Wendelin. The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones
Vrabel, Beth. A Blind Guide to Normal.
Vrabel, Beth. Caleb and Kit
Walker, Melissa. Let's Pretend We Never Met
Zhang, Kat. The Emperor's Riddle

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