Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love You Like a Sister

32333268Palmer, Robin. Love You Like a Sister
May 23rd 2017 by Aladdin
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Avery and her mom have always gotten along okay without her dad, who has lived in California since her parents were divorced. When he announces that he is moving back to the east and getting remarried, he wants to reconnect with Avery. The problem? He will have three new stepdaughters, who are all just about Avery's age. Cassie, who is older, is kind of snotty, Kayley (who is her age) just is interested in different things, and younger Samantha seems okay. Lana, her father's finance, is just very different from her own mother. Everyone is trying really hard to get along, but Avery keeps making understandable goof ups, and she's worries about losing her father to these new girls... not thinking about the fact that their own father isn't in the picture as much as they would like. There's a lot of wedding planning going on, and the girls (including Avery's best friend, Lexi) eventually learn to get along.
Strengths: I love how all of the people involved are TRYING to make things work. There's a ton of support and understanding even if the face of challenges. Very positive book about a concern that many tweens have. I think children today are MUCH more likely to be faced with blended families because of divorce than with the death of a parent or siblings. Lots of fun details about their interactions.
Weaknesses: Not a fan of weddings, so all of the planning seemed a bit silly, but I think the target demographic will enjoy it. The same with Avery's budding jewelry business and fashion obsessions.
What I really think: M!X books. So good. My inner tween girl wants there to be an I Can Read type book club where they just come right to my door every month. Can we make that happen?

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