Friday, May 26, 2017

Beach Party Surf Monkey (Welcome to Wonderland #2)

31858748Grabenstein, Chris. Beach Party Surf Monkey (Welcome to Wonderland #2)
Published May 23rd 2017 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ARC provided by publisher

After solving the jewel thief mystery in Home Sweet Hotel, P.T. Wilke and Gloria are back, still trying to save the Wonderland. This time, the threat is from Mr. Conch, who is determined to buy the hotel and pave it over so his hotel has more room. When P.T. finds out that heart throb Aiden Tyler and internet sensation Kevin the Monkey are filming a homage to beach party movies in his town, he uses his grandfather's connections to get an interview with the producers. Against all odds, they decide that the Wonderland is a perfect fit, and filming begins. All of the guests have to be sent next door, but P.T. figures that once the hotel appears in a movie, they will be able to cash in on the fame for years to come. He and Gloria come up with lots of money making schemes along the way, but the film starts to run into problems. While Cassie McGinty is a great star, Aiden is a spoiled, horrible actor, and Kevin the monkey goes missing! P.T. and Gloria suspect Veronica Conch, but their investigation takes on a new urgency when Cassie also doesn't show up for shooting. How can the two friends save the home they love?
Strengths: I love the setting, the surf boarding monkey, Gloria's interest in business, P.T.
s crazy schemes, and even Grandpa's baloney sandwiches. Maybe this will even encourage young readers to look up some Annette Funicello movies on YouTube! Extra bonus points for including one of my favorite publicist's name for one of the characters. I really needed a smile, and this provided many of them!
Weaknesses: Suspect that the cover will be paper over boards, which is horrible because this could circulate for years without becoming dated. Anyone know of a good way to keep this type of binding in good condition?
What I really think: Such a huge relief to read something upbeat. Phew. A little over the top, but great fun. Definitely purchasing. Even the covers of these are great fun.

Ms. Yingling

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  1. I enjoyed this one immensely as I did the first in the series. It's a load of silly that many kids crave. Such a great setting and characters. A perfect summer book.