Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Impossible Clue (Alice Jones #1)

30254954Rubin, Sarah. The Impossible Clue
January 3rd 2017 by Chicken House 
Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Alice's father is a news reporter, and Alice herself is good at solving mysteries, so when famous scientist Dr. Learner goes missing, classmate Sammy Delgado approaches Alice to help. Sammy's father's company is working on an invisibility suit with Dr. Learner, and they want to know where he has gone. With the unlikely help of Kevin Jordan, Alice searches the professor's apartment, interviews his neighbors, and is given unprecedented access to Delgado industries. Along the way, the Jones' home is broken into, Alice and Kevin are kidnapped, and a huge conspiracy having to do with the evil Chronos corporation is figured out. Alice's father gets his scoop, her sister Della gets a part in the musical Annie, and all is good until another day. 
Strengths: Alice is fearless, brave AND a math whiz. Her family is supportive even though her mother is living in Italy. The mystery is a good one, and there is a fair amount of action and adventure. Readers who enjoyed Beil's Red Blazer Girls or Runholdt's Kari and Lucas mysteries will like this one. 
Weaknesses: Sadly, this is not the sort of mystery my patrons like. They want blood, gore, and murder, not kidnapped scientists. Will purchase if more of my students want somewhat less violent mysteries. 
What I really think: This has been reworked slightly and reset in the United States, somewhere near New York City. I'd be curious to see the original UK edition. This might account for the somewhat disconnected feeling I got from this. 

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