Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cartoon Saturday- Dog Man Unleashed

31825554Pilkey, Dav. Dog Man Unleashed. 
December 27th 2016 by Graphix
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Dog Man is sent to the pet store to get a fish for the chief's birthday, but the pet store owners are so annoyed at his antics that they give him an evil fish. This fish eventually gets some of the brain boosting pills that the chief is also given. Meanwhile, Petey managed to escape and cause havoc, leaving Dog Man with a battle to be fought on two fronts. Will he be able to use his skills to save the world?
Strengths: Evil fish, a protagonist who licks people's faces, flip-o-rama-- what could be better. Students like that these are in comic book format rather than the text with pictures arrangement of Captain Underpants. 
Weaknesses: These fall apart quickly, especially with the extensive use they get. When I was reading this, I was struck that people will probably be gravely offended by the picture of Dog Man sniffing a poodle's butt in the pet store. 
What I really think: For reasons I can't pinpoint, I don't like these as well as Captain Underpants. It is very clear that Pilkey can harness his inner child, though, and that is something more authors need to do. 

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