Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cartoon Saturday- Double Down

30051627Kinney, Jeff. Double Down
November 1st 2016
Donated copy I need to process quickly!

I promise, I will get organized and back to ACTUAL reviews this weekend (Thanksgiving). 

This was perfectly fine, Greg is up to his usual high jinks, although the whole gummy worm incident on the back cover doesn't occur until page 191 of 217, which led me to my Wimpy Kid epiphany.

These don't really have a plot. Or they have a plot, but it doesn't emerge until the very, very end, and it's often different from what we have been lead to think the plot will be. This would explain my confusion. I keep waiting and waiting for something to happen rather than hearing Greg's memories about previous incidents, and by the time it does, I have given up hope, and don't really know where the whole Lego incident/play date with odd child fits in. 

Luckily, I never have to explain these to students or offer up a plot sysnopsis because these fly off the shelves on their own. Unless they are all "being glued back together" in my back room because the 8th grade boys refuse to read anything else and I get a bit irritated since we have so many other books that are even better. 

Rant done. 

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