Thursday, December 29, 2016

The End (The Enemy #7)

20550280Higson, Charlie. The End (The Enemy #7)
June 7th 2016 by Disney-Hyperion 
Library copy

In the wake of The Hunted (and the links to the other FIVE books are listed with this sixth), most of the many children in this series are back, in their various locations, trying to save the world. This isn't easy, and it is certainly very, very gross, since there are zombified adults wandering the streets and great festering pits of them seemingly everywhere. They get hacked to pieces frequently and spatter their hackers with immense gore. 

I was very interested in the older scientists in book six, but they don't make an appearance here. They must have all died. Drat. That was the most interesting thing to me. In this book, we do have Wormwood ranting about how he brought the virus from the jungle, and it was so very old, and that maybe there could be a cure that the Twisted Kids could help find. At some point, though, that all went by the wayside and the children who were fighting just decided they would blow up or kill all of the adults in London. 

But isn't this a worldwide epidemic? Could they possibly get ALL of the adults? And even if they did, aren't there more all over the world? Wouldn't the virus eventually get them? Another reviewer mentioned that an epilogue would have been nice, to see what the world was like a couple of years out. 

Definitely a worthy purchase, and this installment had some nice touches. An attempt at a romance, a great map of London and good use of landmarks, realistically portrayed children who are struggling, actual character development. 

Glad I purchased, and students will be clamoring for the copy. My biggest issue is that my THREE copies of the first book are in absolute tatters AND IT'S OUT OF PRINT. ARGH!!! On the copies are expensive unless they are ex-library copies, and I know what mine look like. While I would rather books wear out than rust out, I'd like to be able to offer decent copies of the first book when the last comes out!

And, tangentially, the Imperial War Museum in London. Sigh. Picky Reader and I spent a delightful morning there, taking turns watching our backpacks while sitting on the bench at the far right of the picture. It was our last stop before heading to the airport.

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