Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Capybara Conspiracy: A Novel in Three Acts

28587982Perl, Erica S. The Capybara Conspiracy: A Novel in Three Acts
October 11th 2016 by Knopf Books for Young Readers
Library Copy

And... nope. I read this Friday afternoon, and it's now the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break and I don't really remember anything. Some days are like that. I had my observation yesterday, which hopefully went well, but I might have been a little stressed. 

Did I like this? It was in play format, which might be a mini trend, which is not my favorite thing to read. It gets bonus points for being fun without sad at all. Will I buy it? Yeah. We have a drama club this year, so a few more children interested in plays than we have had in years past.

Going to the author's own synopsis of this from Goodreads. I wish all authors would do this! It is fun to see what the writer thinks is the important parts. I may print this out and put it in my copy when it comes. 

From Erica S. Perl:
"Seventh-grade playwright Olive Henry is frustrated by her middle school’s lack of appreciation for anything but sports. While the principal drones on and on during morning announcements about the sports teams’ victories, all non-athletic club meetings are relegated to the school basement, never to be mentioned on the loudspeaker. So Olive and her best friend, Reynaldo, hatch a plan to kidnap the school’s capybara mascot, planning to return it, heroically, just in time for the school’s pep rally and claim a reward: permission for their drama club to practice in the auditorium. And, hopefully, some overdue respect for the school’s non-athletes. But when an animal-rights student activist and an undercover athlete with murky motivations join in the conspiracy, their plans—along with Cappy the capybara—veer wildly out of Olive’s control."

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