Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quarto Kids Giveaway!/See How They Run

There's a big QuartoKids Books Giveaway here:

Some days, it's nice to have a contest to enter. I was out for an all day meeting yesterday, and the book return bin is overflowing! Classes all day, kids getting ever squirrellier-- I don't know how we went to 23 December when I was in school! Other than the fact, of course, that back in the good old days NO ONE misbehaved and we were all brilliant and darling and well-dressed in our double knit polyester. Anyone else having that kind of week?

24644814Carter, Ally. See How They Run (Embassy Row #2)
December 22nd 2015 by Scholastic Press
E ARC from

Grace is still reeling from the events of All Fall Down, and is glad to see her brother, who is back in Adria on leave from his military academy in the states. He's brought a friend with him, but when the friend ends up dead, Grace spirals back into her paranoid delusions. Of course, they might not be all delusions- Ms. Chancellor takes her aside and tells her all about a secret society of daughters of Adria, and of course, Grace's mother was a part. Things get weird in Adria as well, when the yearly celebration of a horrific event in history is replayed. Grace's friend Alexi is accused of being some sort of Russian terrorist/spy, which gives Grace a good excuse to run all over town with him in the tunnels. She runs in to Dominic, the Scarred Man, at regular intervals, but he doesn't really shed much information on anything. In fact, other than getting hurt, whining, and trying to sneak out of the embassy, Grace doesn't accomplish a whole lot more in finding out about her mother's death. 

Yeah. I just cannot get into this series. It's such a disappointment after this author's fabulous two other series. I did pick up a copy of the first book at a book look, and I'll see how it goes, but this was just so depressing. Bleah. Maybe it will only be three books, and then Ms. Carter will write something more fun. 

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  1. My kids are in until Dec 23 this year! On one hand it's nice because I won't have them around staying at the Christmas presents and begging to open them early. On the other, it's super weird! I guess Saturday is pretty much my only chance left to take then shopping for one another. And it's a good thing we're not traveling this year.

    Bummer about this series. I still need to read her previous ones though, so I've got no reason to complain yet.