Monday, December 28, 2015

Card Catalog- Football Books

Get ready for all of the New Year's bowl games by investigating these titles about football!

Archibald, Joe. Pro Coach (1969)
Attanas, John. Eddie and the Jets (2005)
Barber, Ronde and Tiki. Kickoff (2007) series
*Bee, Clair (1896-1983) Freshman Quarterback (1952)
Behrens, Andy. The Fast and the Furriest (2010)
Berk, Josh. The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin (2010)
*Bowen, Fred. The Roar of the Crowd (2004)
Double Reverse (2014)
*Bradley, John Ed. Call Me By My Name (2014)
Brouwer, Sigmund. Cobra Strike (2007)
Carson, John F. The Mystery of the Tarnished Trophy (1967)
Carter, Alden R. Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports (2005)
*Christopher, Matt. QB Blitz (2011) (Peters, Stephanie True)
Football Nightmare (2001) (Hirschfeld, Robert)
The Great Quarterback Switch (1984)
Tough to Tackle (1971)
Crackerjack Halfback (1962)
Touchdown for Tommy (1959)
Coy, John. Crackback (2007)
Dygard, Thomas (1931-1996)
Backfield Package (1992)
*Forward Pass (1989)
Second Stringer (1998)   
Deuker, Carl.
Gutless (September 2016)
Gym Candy (2007)
Payback Time (2010)
Eulo, Elena Yates. The Great Receiver (2008)
Feinstein, John. The Walk On (2014)
*Green, Tim. Kid Owner (2015)
*Haywood, Carolyn. Betsy and the Boys (1945)
Heldring, Thatcher. The League (2013)
*Kitchings, Taylor. Yard War (2105)
Klass, David. *Second Impact (2013)
Losers Take All (2015)*Korman, Gordon. Pop (2009)
*Lupica, Mike. Game Changers (2012), Various titles
            Make-Or-Break Moment  (2013)
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Dairy Queen (2006)
*Payton, Belle. It Takes Two series (2014)
Reedy, Trent. If You’re Reading This (2014)
Rud, Jeff. Paralyzed (2008)
Sandor, Steve. Replay (2013)
Tigelaar, Liz. Playing with the Boys (2008)
*Tunis, John. All-American (1942)
*Wallace, Rich. The Roar of the Crowd (2004)
*Walters, Eric. Juice (2005)
Wertheim, L. Jon. Rookie Bookie (2014)
Weyn, Suzanne. Full Impact (2013)
Whitaker, Nathan. Snap Decision (2014)
Zadoff, Allen. Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have (2009)

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