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23743749Gensler, Sonia . Ghostlight.
August 4th 2015 by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
E ARC from Blue Slip Media

Avery loves to visit her grandmother on her farm, but is irritate that her older brother, Blake wants to devote himself to his summer reading instead of playing with her. Luckily, Julian and his younger sister Lily are staying with their country music singer father in a cottage that Avery's grandmother rents out. Julian is an aspiring film maker, and has decided that nearby Hilliard House, which has been abandoned for years, would make the perfect setting for a horror film. The problem? After a spooky incident years ago, Avery is not allowed to be anywhere near the house that her grandmother is trying to sell. After a couple of creepy experiences in the house, Avery wants to know more about the people who lived there, especially the young Margaret Ann, who died at a very young age. She interviews several people in the area and finds out information about spirit they suspect is haunting the house. In the process, she finds out more information about her own past, as well as Julian's. She makes her own film about the inhabitants of the house, but will it be enough to help the ghost move on?
Strengths: This was a nicely creepy tale that included a lot of information about making a film, and about what makes horror films scary. With the technology that children have available, I'm surprised that there aren't more budding filmographers! The family problems add some intrigue as well.
Weaknesses: I would have preferred it if this started off with a creepy scene instead of Avery throwing a fit because her brother didn't want to play with her. The first few paragraphs are crucial for reluctant readers and should set the tone of the book.
What I really think: I liked the film making details, and I swear that there was a creepy house just like this one near my best friend's house growing up. We were always intrigued by it, but never went near it!

Sonia Gensler is also the author of the young adult novels The Dark Between and The Revenant. She grew up in a small Tennessee town and spent her early adulthood collecting impractical degrees from various Midwestern universities. A former high school English teacher, she now writes full-time in Oklahoma. 

To learn more, and to download a free curriculum guide, visit soniagensler.com.
Twitter: @soniagensler

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  1. That cover is seriously creepy looking. Looks like it fits well for Halloween.

  2. Looks like a good one! I'm always looking for creepy reads!

  3. Yes, very creepy cover.