Thursday, February 05, 2015

Waiver Day Presentation: #WeNeedDiverseBooks

In my district, we will be out tomorrow for a teacher training day. After six years of giving a "100 Great Books" talk, I'm venturing out and doing one on diversity in middle grade literature.

The slide presentation seems to have loaded a bit awkwardly, with some bits cut off, but the links to resources still are available.

Obviously, this doesn't make quite as much sense if you aren't in the session, but I hope that this will be useful to some people.

Later note: I should have credited Mitali Perkins for the phrase "Are books windows or mirrors?"

I will mention this in my presentation, and it's such a great way to look at books!


  1. The slide show looks awesome and covers such a wide range of diverse books. Very informative and an awesome resource. Love the quote about "books can be mirrors of who we are or windows into the lives of others."

    FYI slide 80 on I am Jazz seems to have book info and link to Abby Spencer book.

  2. Great slideshow--wish I was there to hear your talk. I'm taking a long list of book recommendations from this presentation, too.

  3. good for you! I hope it went well.

  4. Great slideshow. Can I repost and link to your page for Multicultural Children's Book Day blog? Mia of PragmaticMom

  5. What a wonderful slide show about diversity. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone online. Wjat did your school think? Were they all onboard? I will definitely have to go through it several more times to fully appreciate everything you included.