Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wedding Belles: Ask Amy Green #6

20819646Webb, Sarah. Wedding Belles: Ask Amy Green #6
November 11th 2014 by Candlewick
Copy received from Young Adult Books Central and reviewed there.

Amy returns for one final installment, which finds her mother still completely unprepared to marry Dave. Clover, Amy's aunt, has agreed to do all of the footwork for the wedding, but Amy's mother can't even manage to get her own wedding dress, and when she does, it is a disaster. Amy has problems enough of her own-- her boyfriend Seth's mother is ill with cancer that has returned, and he breaks up with Amy because he doesn't feel he has enough time to put toward their relationship. Of course, he breaks up with her right when she could use him for research most; Goss magazine wants her to write an article on "How to Kiss", which would be her first solo article! She's also trying to help out the school's cheerleading squad, since one of the members sprained an ankle, and dealing with all of the mean girls in her school, all while fearing that Clover is going to take a job in the United States. Will the wedding ever get off the ground, and give Amy a chance to get back to her regulary scheduled chaotic life?
Strengths: This is a fun series, especially since it is set in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland! It has all of the elements that my avid readers of romantic fiction like-- family problems, boy problems, and fun friends. Readers in this age group also like to think about planning weddings, so Clover's plans (as well as her wacky, fashion forward outfits) will delight them.
Weaknesses: I am not a fan of weddings, and this series seems borderline obsessed with them. There is also a fair amount of sad spread through these, and I worried about the mental health of Amy's mother. I think the woman needs some help and is not getting it!

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  1. You had me intrigued with Dublin as the setting. Might have to give this one a try though I'm not a big fan of the plot.