Friday, November 21, 2014

Guy Friday- Zombies of the Caribbean, John. Zombies of the Caribbean (Zombie Chasers #6)
October 7th 2014 by HarperCollins

Now that Rice's addition of Spazola Energy Cola to the antidote has not only rezombified everyone but made them into Super Zombies, the crew must find a way to save everyone. Luckily, they have a boat and can sail around the Caribbean, hopefully avoiding most of the zombies. They look for scientist Nigel Black, and find him in a zombie proof fortress. He tells them that they need to find a frilled tiger shark and bring it back to him so he can work on an antidote. After much adventuring, the group does, but the zombie plague is not over yet-- the back of the book warns us that book seven will be The Zombie Chasers: Chews Your Own Adventure.
Strengths: Students LOVE this series. It's goofy and gross, and the cartoons of zombies with eyeballs popping out, people throwing up, etc. is part of the... charm. Lots of action/adventure and children saving the world. Also, a cute dog.
Weaknesses: Not my personal cup of tea. Glad that every single book by this author is always checked out, but getting a bit weary of having the read the books! Seven books is plenty in a series!

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