Monday, November 24, 2014

Coolest video EVER!

Is there any doubt remaining that Rick Riordan is a rock star? I love this video! Now if I could just get my hands on a copy of Blood of Olympus! There's been such demand in my library that when a copy comes back in, I have to immediately check it out and deliver it to whomever is next on the reserve list.

Best moment last week: standing behind a student while he was at the lunch table and lowering the book in front of his face. I could see the HUGE grin, and the grab he made for the book was perfect!


  1. Yeah, my daughter got it at her book fair but I'm low man on the totem pole. She'll read it, then my wife will read it, THEN I'll get it...

  2. Rick Riordan really is a rock star. My grandson loves his books, and my grandson isn't a great reader. Thanks for sharing the video.