Wednesday, January 30, 2013

World Wednesday--Lovetorn

LovetornDaswani, Kavita. Lovetorn
17 January 2012, HarperCollins

Shalini's father has a great business opportunity that takes her family to Los Angeles. Shalini isn't thrilled about moving away from her large extended family in Bangalore, but her sister Sangita is thrilled. Her mother, on the other hand, is very upset. Shalini tries her best to fit in to high school life, but learning a new way of dressing and acting is difficult, especially when some of her classmates make fun of her. Even more difficult is being away from her finance, Vikram. Even though their marriage was arranged when Shalini was three, she has always adored Vikram, and Skyping is just not the same as seeing him in person. When she meets Toby and is attracted to him, she's very confused. Her friendship with Renuka, who was born in the US, helps a lot, especially when Shalini's mother becomes clinically depressed and requires medical attention. When Vikram comes to the US to visit, Shalini begins to realize that even though she is still not completely acculturated to the ways of the US, she is no longer the girl she was in Bangalore, either.
Strengths: This was a fascinating look at an immigrant experience and its impact on the personal identity of a teenager. Even better, it has a great romance story, which will encourage girls to pick it up. The idea that Shalini is engaged at such a young age and okay with it is fascinating. I also liked that fitting in was much easier for her younger sister. Definitely purchasing this one.
Weaknesses: The cover is a bit odd. Could have been so much better. Other than that, this was pitch perfect for me.

Thanks for joining us for World Wednesday. If you have a post about a middle grade book set in another part of the world or with great multicultural characters, please tell us about it in the comments. Taking a hint from Charlotte's Library's great fantasy round up, here are some titles I found this past week:

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This is just what I could find-- I imagine there are a lot more I missed!


  1. Thanks for pulling all these together - great resources and blogs to follow!! I have another post up today to add:

    I really loved Chickadee by Louise Erdrich, along with the other three in the series.

  2. Hi,

    World Wednesday is a great idea. I definitely will be interested in participating in the future.

  3. Thanks for including Dumpling Days and I really like the idea of an international theme. I regularly get asked about books and characters that represent different cultures. Asian and Indian themed stories are especially popular in Northern Ca, but recently the number of inquiries I have gotten about Arab settings are on the rise.

  4. Love the Wednesday World idea. Is it only for MG or are picture books ok?

    This book sounds particularly interesting to me. Adding to TBR pile!

  5. Anonymous6:45 AM EST

    Very interesting...

  6. I love the multi-cultural aspect of the book!