Tuesday, January 01, 2013

13 Secrets

13 SecretsHarrison, Michelle. 13 Secrets.
12 June 2012, Little, Brown

In this third and final installment to the 13 Treasures trilogy, Rowan is upset when she gives money to a homeless musician only to find that the girl is really meant to deliver a message to her from the Coven. "Show up", Rowan is told. She doesn't want to, because life at Elvesden Manor is finally settling down a bit. She is coming to terms with the fact that her aunt Rose is really her mother, and enjoying not having to be on the street. She's glad to see Tanya, who is visiting her grandmother for the summer, but when she goes to the Coven meeting, she is dismayed to find out that Tino wants her to join with the Coven and help them get changelings back where they are supposed to be. Tino has recently rescued Suki, whose parents were both killed years after Suki was brought back from the fairy realm. Rowan doesn't want to be a member, but when it's clear that the fairies are endangering the people of Tickey End, she decides she will. What she finds is alarming-- Eldritch, her old nemesis, is back, and someone is slowly killing members of the Coven is the most gruesome ways. Is it Eldritch? Sparrow? Everyone is suspect, and when Elvesden Manor is under seige, Rowan needs to figure out what is going on before she meets her own untimely end.
Strengths: This is not a light, fluffy fairy story! It's a dark, uniquely British read, and a nice ending to a good series. I liked the emphasis on Rowan in this book, although Tanya was certainly around. This has been a hotly sought book in my library-- I didn't get a copy until later, and several girls requested it from the public library! I love how in almost ALL British books, characters have to sit down to tea at least once!
Weaknesses: There are a lot of deaths in this book, which I always find alarming, although the students seem okay with it.

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  1. This is one of those serieses that get older as the characters do--which I appreciated in this case! I agree it was a good ending to the series.