Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kiss Me Again

Kiss Me Again (If We Kiss, #2)Vail, Rachel. Kiss Me Again
5 December 2012, HarperTeen

In this sequel to If We Kiss (2006), Charlie is back, and the problem is that her crush, Kevin Lazarus, is now her step brother and living just down the hall from her, using her soap, eating dinner with the blended family, and generally making life uncomfortable. Fr a while, she tries to date George, but kissing him just doesn't have the zing that kissing Kevin has. She has other issues as well-- she's still trying to make things right with Tess, who was her best friend but who dated Kevin, trying to get out of the house so she doesn't have to watch her mother act weird with her new husband, and working at a local coffee shop. She does enjoy getting to know her nine year old stepsister, Samantha, but will Charlie be able to get used to her new family... and figure out what to do about Kevin?
Strengths: My copy of If We Kiss is in tatters, so it's a good romance that the girls like. This one is also more of a high school, but doesn't have anything more than lots of kissing. May have to invest in the redone copy of the first book, as well. The problems with family and friends ring true.
Weaknesses: High ick-factor for me. All I could think was "What happens when you break up with your step brother?" Nothing major happens, but since they do end up falling asleep in bed together, I could just imagine a third book in this series involving a LOT of family counseling!


  1. Sounds perfect for my 7th grade daughter!

  2. Well, if they stay together, they will have an easy time with the guest list for the wedding, although deciding who sits on which side might be tough.

    You can pass older (much older!) students onto Charlaine Harris's Grave Secrets books, which also feature a step-sibling couple, along with a lot of adult situations and horror.