Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! (Personality Leakage Ahead!)

Hey! Why are you here? Go right over to the Cybils' web site to see the shortlists!

You did? Oh, okay. Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, snuggle up in an afghan, and let's chat!

My goal for 2012 was to post a book every day, and as far as I know, I did. Things got a little crazed here at the end of the year, but I managed to read (and understand most of) 807 books. My original goal was 600. My goal for 2013 is 700 books. That's plenty!

I hope to do better at memes-- while I did Middle Grade Monday, What Are You Reading Monday and Nonfiction Monday, and a fair amount of Time Slip Tuesdays,  I feel like I should have done more with Guy Friday. Anyone on board with that? I can try a Mr. Linky and see if it catches on. Also, after the middle grade fiction Cybils chat, some of us were thinking of a way to promote multicultural fiction, so look tomorrow at the World Wednesday thoughts. I like visiting other bloggers to see what they are reading.

Don't really have any other resolutions going here, except that I am going to run more. I don't think my knees can take a marathon, but I can certainly work my way up to a 10K. I do so enjoy working with the middle school cross country team, and it's easier for me to coach the kids if I have some idea of what they are experiencing. I am greatly motivated by the following book, or I would be if there weren't a foot of snow outside my window right now. Just when I started to prefer running outside to running on the treadmill, too. Drat!

Okay. Now it's time to get that Christmas tree down, pack away the leftovers from the party, and get ready to go back to school, where there are TWO book order waiting. 2013 will be off to a great start!

The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your TrainingDais, Dawn. The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women.
2006, Seal Press

If you want advice on how to train for a marathon, this is not the best book. If you want moral support for training for a marathon and you tend towards snarky humor to deal with aching muscles, this is the PERFECT book. Early on, Dais says something to the effect that this is a book to help you run a marathon and not die, and her credentials are that she ran a marathon and did not die. That's pretty much all I have as a goal any time I go for a run, so she was right on my wave length. There are some helpful things about equipment (I'm still in denial that I need a water holder butt thingy, but maybe I do) and clothing, as well as a rudimentary training schedule. I have several friends who may need a copy of this to motivate them, as well. A great, humorous and somewhat motivating read!


  1. I meant to comment that day but I think I was reading it on my phone. Anyway. #RUNLIBRARIANRUN Or, if you are like me even when I was super in shape, it's more of a mix of #RUNWALKLIBRARIANRUNWALK. The knees and all.

    Sort of. Did really awesomely getting up on 1/1 and doing a 5K. But breathing all the cedar pollen then sent me back to bed with a nasty headache and all sorts of sneezing/coughing.

    Well. My goal is 350 books. Didn't make my 400 this year but 350 is doable. And you even write much better reviews! Bravo!

  2. And oops. That last comment I was signed in under the wrong name.