Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girl Books!

 I ***LURV*** Linda Gerber and her books! So, so much goodness. While I got the first book in her new series, Celebrity, and the third (Hacked), I was at the mercy of Follett and Baker and Taylor when I did Do Not Exceed orders, so had to wait for a while until I got the two books I was missing.

When my dog Sylvie was ill a bit ago, what did I read for comfort? Only the best.

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi: Episode TwoGerber, Linda. Paparazzi (Lights, Cameras, Cassidy #2)
15 March 2012, Puffin

Because of all the publicity surrounding Cassidy and her blog, the people who produce her parents' When in Rome cooking/reality show decide to send Cassidy off to GREECE to tape there. They are on the yacht of a Greek movie star, who happens to have a really cute son, Nikos. Cassidy's parents, as well as her friend/crush Logan are off filming in Papua, New Guinea, so Cassidy is chaperoned by her tutor, Victoria. The yacht is a rather tense place-- Nikos' father is rather controlling and always seems angry with Nikos, who is going to be cohosting with Cassidy. Zoe, whose mother cooks on the yacht, is smitten with Nikos, but there is something very strange about her and her mother working on the yacht. The Greek producer favors a style of filming that Cassidy finds fake, so she has trouble making the producer happy. Also, Logan seems preoccupied and doesn't seem as willing to make their scheduled Skype talks. Cassidy prevails, however, finding out what's up with Zoe's family, and getting the show taped in a professional manner.
Strengths: Greece! Sigh. I lived in Greece for a year, and Gerber does such a great job with travel writing, explaining local customs, food, etc. This is fun to read, because while Cassidy's life has a lot of excitement and opportunity, there are also realistic problems portrayed.
Weaknesses: Not in hard cover. Really, Penguin Young Readers? Really. Shame on you!

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: DramaGerber, Linda. Drama (Lights, Cameras, Cassidy #4)
13 September 2013, Puffin

Cassidy and her parents are off to Australia to film at a ranch, and this time Logan is coming along! Cassidy is thrilled that they can be together, but a little less than thrilled when they are out and about and Logan has groupies following him! She is happy to meet the son of the ranch owner, Riley, who is good about showing her and Logan how much work needs to be done in the Outback, but a little less than thrilled to meet his sister, who finds Logan cute but is rather mean to her. The filming is not going well-- equipment gets broken, the two make up artists start fighting, and when the group heads off into the bush to film and get stranded overnight because vehicles are sabotaged, the crew and cast are fighting a lot, and the entire show is in jeopardy. Who is causing all the trouble?
Strengths: I liked that there was more mystery in this one because it is Gerber's forte. Well, that, and travel writing. Lots of detail of life in Australia, plus some of the dialect.
Weaknesses: Ever since Bill Bryson's in a Sunburned Country, I've not really wanted to go to Australia,  because of the sheer amount of things that could kill me. Still, reading about it was pretty safe!

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  1. I'm trying to read more "girl" books, so I think I'll give these a try. Maybe I'll start in Greece, since I miss it.