Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Time Slip Tuesday-- Tilly's Moonlight Garden

 Time Slip Tuesday is an occasional feature at Charlotte's Library, and I read about this book there.

Tilly's Moonlight GardenGreen, Julia. Tilly's Moonlight Garden.
2 October 2012, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Tilly and her writer father and budding illustrator mother move into a drafty old house in the English countryside. Tilly's mother is pregnant and not doing well, and Tilly is finding it hard to make friends at school, especially since she is so worried. The house has some things to recommend it, including an old fashioned dollhouse that belonged to the former owner, a friend of Tilly's grandmother's. There is also a vast garden, and when Tilly wanders out at night, she meets a girl named Helen who helps Tilly watch a fox who is in the area. When Tilly's baby brother arrives prematurely, the household is thrown into a great crisis, and Tilly finds both Helen and the fox oddly comforting.
Strengths: As Charlotte said, best dollhouse furniture in a long while. Very gentle English story that I would have loved when I was nine or ten. Had a lovely, old fashioned feel.
Weaknesses: The time travel element is a bit weak, and this is definitely for younger readers.

From http://landofozbookstudy.blogspot.com
I have decided that the answer to supervisory, discipline AND security problems in the public schools might well be Flying Monkeys. Why not? If I had a flying monkey at my side while supervising 75 students in study hall, I doubt that students would attempt to talk. We could have a slightly unbalanced monkey in a cage in the assistant principal's office just to scare students. One checking visitors at the front door. In their down time, they could be trained to clean. We'd take good care of the monkeys, really.

Anyone know of a good Flying Monkey supplier? And is it more cost effective to rent or to own Flying Monkeys? Our lovely school secretary and I were discussing this at length.

Hey, if I can't have a jet pack here in 2013, why not?


  1. I agree--I think more could have been done with the timeslip. But I do think the right readers (like us when we were nine) will love it!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! Nice to hear about an old-fashioned sort of story. It's so nice to slip into one of those :)

  3. Just the name, "Moonlight Garden", grabs me. And then I read your description and I agree with you -- it sounds like a "story that I would have loved when I was nine or ten." The Secret Garden was my favorite book so I would have nabbed another one like it.Thanks for sharing this book.

    I laughed at your Flying Monkeys idea -- As a child, I found those creatures terrifying in the movie. Great idea!