Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sheth's Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet

How do I not already have a copy of this? After reading this author's The Keeping Corner, I checked this one out... again, apparently. This is one I have to have because it shows such a different MODERN lifestyle. Since Sheth's Blue Jasmine (about an Indian girl who moves to the States) is so popular, I think the students will enjoy this story of Jeeta, a high school age girl with two older sisters. The family's main concern is getting all of the daughters married, and the parents work hard at arranging suitable matches. I predict that a lot of the readers will come to me and ask if this is actually still true!

Jeeta's family is solidly middle class-- the father works for a jewelry store, the weddings they give are fairly elaborate, and the children are getting an education, but all seven of them live in a one bedroom apartment in Mumbai. The father sleeps in the living room, and there are five mattresses for the other six. This is the sort of thing that students often don't understand, and I think it is valuable for them to see how others live .

Drat. Those are all the books by this author. I hope she is writing more!

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