Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Masquerade, de la Cruz

The second in the Blue Bloods series, this is another one of the vampire books that are fairly mature. While delicately done, there is still the whole issue of "bonding" with her human companion that Schuyler faces that makes me uneasy. The first book was very, very clever ( I still love the tie in with the First Families in New York and vampires); this one was less so. The girls who like Twilight will love this one as well. WHile I won't be handing this to 6th graders, it was awfully fun to read, and I think that some of this would go over the 6th graders' heads.

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  1. I enjoy that series. I did like the first one a lot better, I agree that it's quite clever. I'm interested in what else she comes up with.