Thursday, January 17, 2008

Encyclopedia Brown Cracks the Case

Donald J. Sobol's Encyclopedia Brown books were my second great love (after Carolyn Haywood), so I was tickled to see that at the age of about 83, he had another one out! I have fond memories of sitting with my mother and reading a case, then talking about what we thought the solution was.

These are most appropriate for elementary age students, but one of my very reluctant 8th grade readers devoured all the titles I had. If students are having trouble with mysteries and have to read one for class, these books are a good way to ease them in.

As always, I solved some of the chapter long mysteries, but not others. (Didn't know that ducks needed gravity to swallow, not to spoil it for you!) I miss the original drawings, but am glad to add this title to my collection.

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