Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Assorted Older Sports Books

Will have to keep Slote's Love and Tennis because it is very technical and has a lot of information about tennis and pursuing a professional career. I don't get many students who are seriously into tennis, but if I did, this would be the book for them. Basically, Buddy's mother and father want him to train more seriously than he wants to train-- he'd rather hang out with a potential girlfriend, but he does go to a very intensive tennis camp to see if he has "what it takes".

John K. Tunis' World Series was a decent enough baseball book, with lots of play-by-plays and talk about what the players will do. Unfortunately, since this author died in 1975, the book is also filled with characters with nicknames like Fat Stuff and Babe. These still check out well, and they certainly aren't offensive at all, but they do seem slightly dated. I need to read a few more, but these are for strong readers who are really, really into their baseball!

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