Friday, January 25, 2008

A Reading Challenge

If you want a serious challenge, take a look at this web site:

I had to print out the rules so that I could consult them at home. I won't be doing the extra challenge, because of the nine titles listed, I have read five in the last five years and can't get two from the public library. I did check out The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen Randle, because I loved her Breaking Rank!

I'm thinking that the 25 books won't be a problem, but I'm stumped on what "Classic" (published before 1920) book to read.

Poetry, Drama or Humor-- It's a Woman's World: A Century of Women's Voices in Poety (1/27)
Sports, Mystery Supernatural--Stolz. Coco Grimes. (1/27)
Fantasy or Science Fiction--Stroud. The Last Siege. (2/4)-- Not fantasy!!
Historical--Sutcliffe. Flame-Colored Taffetta. (1/28)
Nonfiction--Murphy. The Great Fire. (1/27)
Classic-- Stevenson. Kidnapped. (1887!)
Graphic Novel-- Vampire Kisses: Blood Relations, Schreiber.
Audiobook--Snicket. The Ersatz Elevator. (Audiobooks are so slow. I will no doubt cheat.)

Can you tell I'm working on "s" authors on my way through the stacks?

Thanks to Alyssa at Shady Glade for a jump start I needed to my weekend!

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  1. Oooooh. Classic book. Prior to 1920. Hmn. Uncle Tom's Cabin? Dracula? Count of Monte Cristo? Three Musketeers? Robinson Crusoe? Swiss Family Robinson? Gee... I dunno. Those are all ones I LOVED. My fifth-grader just suggested Tom Sawyer (when N read it, he belly-laughed through it. He was going into 3rd grade.)

    Good luck. I can't even finish a book without renewing it ... more than once!