Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Baseball Books

Baseball books have, sadly, gone the way of baseball. It used to be the national sport, and now I have fewer students interested in it. The ones who do enjoy the game are often avid readers, so I do need an equal number of books. 

Baseball books don't stay in print very long. Even Deuker's fantastic Heart of a Champion (1997) is no longer available. Have to say that Deuker's books have more longevity than many others, so if you don't have his titles, definitely take a look at them. 

Interesting also-- John Tunis has FOUR paperback books still available, even though his titles came out in the 1940s! World Series and Rookie of the Year are fantastic titles!

Baseball Books

Alpine, Rachele. You Throw Like a Girl (2017)

Barr, Jennifer R. Goodbye, Mr. Spalding (2018)

Bauer, Joan. Soar (2016)

Berk, Josh. Strike Three, You’re Dead (2013)

Bowen, Fred. Lucky Enough (2018)

     The Perfect Game (2013)

Dugout Rivals (2010)

Christopher, Matt. Play Ball! (2013) Series

Corbett, Sue. Free Baseball (2006)

Deuker, Carl. Golden Arm (2020)

High Heat (2003)

Gutman, Dan. Honus and Me (1997) Series

Gratz, Alan. The Brooklyn Nine (2009)

Green, Tim. Baseball Genius (2017)

Lost Boy (2015)

New Kid (2014)

Force Out (2013)

Pinch Hit (2012)

        Baseball Great. Series (2011)

Higuera, Donna Barba. Lupe Wong Won't Dance (2020)

Hughes, Dean. Missing in Action (2010)

Jeter, Derek. The Contract (2015) Series

John, Antony. Mascot (2018)

Klages, Ellen. Out of Left Field (2018)

Krishnaswami, Uma. Step Up to the Plate, Maria Singh (2017)

Lipsyte, Robert. Center Field (2010)

Lorenzi, Natalie Dias. A Long Pitch Home Book (2016)

Lupica, Mike. Batting Order (2020)

The Batboy (2010)

The Big Field.(2008)

Heat (2006)

Manzer, Jenny. My Life as a Diamond (2018)

Moore, Steve. King of the Bench: No fear! (2017)

Negron, Chris. Dan Unmasked (2020)

Northrop, Michael. Plunked (2012)

Ripken, Cal. The Closer (2016)

Out at Home (2015)

Squeeze Play (2014)

Wild Pitch (2013)

Hothead (2011)

Ritter, John H. The Boy Who Saved Baseball (2005)

Robinson, Sharon. The Hero Two Doors Down (2016)

Shang, Wendy Wan-Long. The Way Home Looks Now (2015)

Tooke, Wes. Lucky (2011)

King of the Mound (2013)

Vernick, Audry. Screaming at the Ump (2014)

Volponi, Paul. Game Seven (2015)

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