Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Basketball Books

Well, this was interesting. Basketball books seem to stay in print a LONG time. The longevity winner is Walter Dean Myers' Hoops from 1981 (when I was in high school!), but the runner up is Deuker's 1988 On the Devil's Court! Do publishers look at their back list and think "Oh, we've got some sports books on the list," and not acquire anything new, even though the books they have came out when my students' parents were in school? Or born?

Basketball and football stories are by far the most popular in my library. I am printing out a few of these lists for students who really do try to read every relevant title in the library. It's a little sad that there are so few titles that it's a manageable task!

Basketball Fiction

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. Sasquatch in the Paint. (2013)

Alexander, Kwame. The Crossover

Bildner, Phil. A Whole New Ballgame (2015)

Blair, Kelsey. Tough Call (2020)

                    Pick and Roll (2014)

Bowen, Fred. Outside Shot (2017)

The Final Cut.(2009)

Hardcourt Comeback (2010)

Real Hoops.(2011)

Chase, Paula. Dough Boys (2018)

Delle Donne, Elena. Elle of the Ball (2018) Series

Deuker, Carl. On the Devil’s Court (1988) 2nd Longest in print!

Swagger (2013) YA

Farazin, Sara. Here to Stay (2018)

Feinstein, John. Foul Trouble (2013)

Flower, Jessie Graham. Grace Harlowe's Sophomore Year in High School (2019)

Gutman, Dan. The Million Dollar Shot (1997)

Harkrader, Lisa. Airball: My Life in Briefs (2005)

Heldring, Thatcher. Toby Wheeler: Eighth Grade Bench Warmer (2007)

Hoose, Phillip M. Attucks! (2018) Nonfiction

Howling, Eric. Hoop Magic (2014)

Herbach, Geoff. Hooper YA (2019)

Khan, Hena. Zayd Saleem (2018) Series

Krech, Bob. Rebound (2007)

Lupica, Mike.The Turnover (2020)

        No Slam Dunk (2018)

        Fast Break (2015)

        True Legend (2012)

        Travel Team (2004)

Mack, W.C. Mathlete vs. Athlete. (2013)

Mackel, Kathy. Boost (2008)

Moore, Wes. This Way Home (2015)

Myers, Walter Dean. Game (2008)

        Hoops (1981) Longest in print

        Slam (2008)

Ostler, Scott. Bouncing Back (2019)

Parker, Robert. Edenville Owls (2007)

Roberts, Barbara Carroll. Nikki on the Line (2019)

Shang, Wendy. The Great Wall of Lucy Wu (2011)

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence. The Hoopster (2005)

Smith, Matthew Ross. Lizzy Legend (2019)

Soto, Gary. Taking Sides (1991- still available!)

Stoudemire, Amar'e. Home Court (2012) (series)

Volponi, Paul. The Final Four(2012)

            Black and White (2005)

Waltman. Kevin. Next (2013)

Yee, Lisa. Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time (2005)

Yep, Lawrence. Dragon Road (2008)

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