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36403057Delgado, Melody. Oops-A-Daisy (The De La Cruz Diaries Book 1)
September 5th 2017 by Clean Reads
Copy received from the publisher for the Cybils Awards

Synopsis from
"Who wants to be stuck wearing a shaggy dog outfit or a chicken suit on television? Twelve-year-old aspiring singer, actress, Daisy De la Cruz, that’s who. She’ll do and wear just about anything to get ahead in the entertainment industry. But will all her embarrassing moments pay off and land her a spot in her arts magnet school’s coveted master class where she’ll be rubbing shoulders with top professionals in the entertainment industry? Or will she be doomed to play the role of an animal, vegetable or mineral forever?"

Just about caught up with my reading and reviewing. Here's my short take on this books, which I would have bought for my school library if it were available in hard back. It reminded me a bit of the Veronica Chambers Amigas series, which was popular in my library until someone lost book one and I couldn't replace it.

Enjoyed this one, and it had a lot of interesting, diverse elements, but there was a bit of a disconnect between the age of the main character and the format and topic. Daisy is 12, but her career aspirations in acting play out more like an older character. Normally, this would be great for middle school readers, but the font is very small. I know this is a silly thing, but my students are especially sensitive to this. Since there are only 159 pages in the paperback I read, it would be easy enough to increase the font size and still bring the book in at under 200 pages.

Interestingly, the paperback is $13.99 on Amazon, but the Kindle edition is only $2.99. This would be a great choice for an avid middle grade reader who buys books for an e reader.

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