Thursday, December 07, 2017

Early Chapter Book Mysteries

I have to admit that when I got these early chapter books at the beginning of the school year, they languished at the bottom of my TBR pile. Sure, they were cute, and anything by Animal Planet has great photo illustrations, and these even had some full color drawings as well. Cute stories, but nothing my middle school students would pick up, right?

Wrong. I have just finished putting together a one book shelf collection of "readers", labeled with a pink sticker so my student helpers know where to shelve them. (Pink stickers were all I had in my stash of supplies.) My struggling readers can go to the shelf and find books that are all half or one Accelerated Reader point, and all below level 4.0. They generally read them very quickly and are so pleased and happy when they finish the books and pass the AR test.

Yeah, yeah. The whole "testing is evil" thing. Well, since most of these students were only reading graphic novels at the beginning of the year, I do think that having an easily accessed collection of books has helped them feel confident enough to read an entire chapter book, and I do think they are acquiring more reading and, yes, test taking skills.

Since many of my struggling readers are ELL students, I really liked that these Animal Planet Adventure Books involved animals in different settings. Sometimes, I have students who have no working knowledge of farms or zoos, and certainly no idea of what it's like on the New England Coast. Even though these books don't have AR tests yet, the reading level on the back is third grade.

Books like this make my school year easier! Definitely a great choice for elementary and some middle school libraries. Nicely done and amusing!

All synopses and this statement from Goodreads:
"Perfect for reluctant, challenged, and newly fluent readers, the Animal Planet Adventures chapter book series combines fun animal mysteries with cool nonfiction sidebars that relate directly to the stories, bringing the best of the animal world to young readers. With full-color illustrations and photographs throughout. "

Copies provided by the publisher.

30364301Nichols, Catherine. Dolphin Rescue (Animal Planet Adventures #1)
February 14th 2017 by Animal Planet

Siblings Maddie and Atticus love living by the sea. Their dad traps lobsters off the coast of Maine. They love helping with the family business and volunteering at the local aquarium. The summer is shaping up to be a super one, for sure. Then one day they spy a pod of dolphins in the cove looking distressed. How will the kids use their knowledge of animals and their awesome problem-solving skills to help the dolphin family get safely back to sea?

30364298Herman, Gail. Farm Friends Escape(Animal Planet Adventures #2)
February 14th 2017 by Animal Planet

During summer vacations, cousins Luke and Sarah help out at their grandparents' petting zoo. But what happens when the animals get loose overnight? Can Luke and Sarah use their knowledge of animals and their awesome problem-solving skills to get the animals back to safety?

33785411Catherine Nichols. Puppy Rescue Riddle (Animal Planet Adventures #3)
September 5th 2017 by Animal Planet

A storm is coming to coastal North Carolina. Amy and Elliott - volunteers at the local dog shelter - have a job to do. The rescued puppies need to get to higher ground, and fast! The kids scramble to get the puppies into their cages, and then the van of volunteers and dogs is on its way. But they are one puppy short. Did it run off in the rain? Is it back at the shelter? An old book, a series of riddles, and a spooky storm all lead to a mystery only the kids can solve.

33785416Herman, Gail. Zoo Camp Puzzle (Animal Planet Adventures #4)
September 5th 2017 by Animal Planet

Nine-year-old twins Ava and Rosie are headed for adventure. City kids, they don't know what to expect from a small zoo in Iowa-and they have to live there for the rest of the year while their mom writes a book! Being away from the busy city and their friends feels like punishment, but Dad sets up a project for them all-running a zoo camp for students to attend during spring break. That could be cool, but as they're getting ready, the kids realize that some of the animals are missing! They'll have to solve the mystery-fast-before the campers arrive.

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