Monday, March 27, 2017

Some Adult Spring Break Reading

31916777Menzies-Pike, Catriona. The Long Run
May 23rd 2017 by Crown Publishing Group (NY)
E ARC from

This book is an odd combination of memoir and history. The memoir isn't anything new-- while the author mentions that she has read a lot of running memoirs that didn't speak to her experience as a reluctant runner, most of the memoirs I have read are much like this. The runner doesn't want to run, but has personal issues, so takes it up reluctantly and finds that it answers many of the questions in her life and helps her deal with issues.

What does make this book appealing is the history of women and running, and especially the intersectionality of feminism and running. Complete with citations in the back, the author lays out the most complete history of women and running that I have seen. This is fantastic, and would be a fabulous resource for school libraries if we could just separate that part from the memoir!

I should take notes and look up some of the women she mentions, because I see a LOT Of National History Day project possibilities.

I know there are a lot of teachers and librarians who also run (and who might be on spring break!), so this book is worth mentioning.

And is anyone else waiting for this year's Boston Marathon in order to watch Kathryn Switzer return for the 50th anniversary of her groundbreaking run?

Ms. Yingling


  1. I am not a jogger, but what a clever way to deal with issues in your life. This sounds like a must read. Thank you!

  2. I saw this one in NetGalley but I think I have read too many memoirs lately do I didn't request it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)