Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy, Happy Thoughts

It's been a weirdly hard winter. Nothing major, just small things. Changes. Other people around me having problems. Fatigue.

And SO MUCH sad middle grade literature.

Maybe I can make a deal with middle grade authors. You may kill off and/or incapacitate all the grandparents you want, just spare the parents, siblings and friends.

BUT! My faith has been restored by these three books! They don't come out for a while; I have reviews up on Goodreads. Whew. So much better. Such a relief to read. Not unicorns pooping rainbows, but realistic problems handled in constructive ways. Add these to your TBR pile immediately!

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Another thing that definitely makes my day: Tom Watson. Stick Dog Craves Candy comes out just in time for my birthday!

Mr. Watson did such a fun and gracious interview for School Library Journal! Check out the entire BeTween newsletter is you don't already subscribe to that!

And finally, even though it's probably blocked at everybody's school, a fun musical number. My daughter's friend mentioned the group Daft Punk, of whom I had never heard. It sounded like men in eyeliner screaming, so I didn't investigate. When I finally did, I realized they were just ELECTRONIC DISCO! I love disco, and have a secret adoration of Parliament Funkadelic. Anyway, it was an amazing "new" discovery (they have been active since the 1990s), and it explains SO MUCH about why my daughter (who loves KC and the Sunshine Band, The Bay City Rollers and The Partridge Family) is friends with this person. 

So, to make your day, Lose Yourself to Dance, by Daft Punk:

Ms. Yingling


  1. Nooo, not the grandparents too :) Have to check out the books you suggested. We picked up Slacker btw and much giggling ensued on the way home. Might have another book we can read together. Wishing you a happy birthday!

  2. Wishing you a weekend filled with books that are not sad :-)

  3. You've raised your girl right! You played the right music and now she likes it. Our daughter goes through phases (she's "Hamilton"-obsessed right now) but she always enjoys it when we play Beatles, Mamas and Papas and Earth, Wind and Fire on Pandora. And Happy Birthday!