Friday, March 24, 2017

I am permanently 12 years old...

Seriously. I NEVER read adult literature. Today is the day before spring break AND the library is pretty much closed for a Dental Clinic. I should be cleaning out the back room or smelly the rest of the fiction (S-Z) for weeding, but instead I was looking at Barnes and Noble for new releases.

I've almost read all of the new May releases and hope to start on the June ones on Monday. Have I mentioned that I really don't have a life?

So far, I really, really want:

McGee, Ron. Ryan Quinn and the Lion's Claw (Ryan Quinn #2)
October 24th 2017 by HarperCollins

Ryan Quinn’s parents want him to forget all about his death-defying escape in Andakar, his role in the Emergency Rescue Committee, and the fact that they’ve been keeping secrets from him his whole life. But forgetting just isn’t an option for Ryan—not when there’s a traitor in the ERC who’s looking to ruin Ryan’s parents and expose the whole organization. Unsure where to turn or who to trust, Ryan and his friends Danny and Kasey soon find themselves off on another adventure, across the world, to help two musicians whose words have started a revolution. But fighting against injustice has put their lives in serious danger, and now only Ryan can help, no matter the stakes. This globe-trotting mission is more treacherous than Ryan could have ever imagined. And just when he feels like he’s cracked the final clue, Ryan stumbles across the biggest secret of all—and it’s about him.

Garland, Taylor. Celebrate the Season: The Secret Snowflake
October 10th 2017 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

This year, Riley Jackson's seventh grade class is having an anonymous gift exchange called "Secret Snowflake." Riley is thrilled when she gets to be the Secret Snowflake for the cutest boy in school, Marcus Anderson, who she's had a crush on for two years. To make things even more exciting, there's a rumor going around the school that Marcus is Riley's Secret Snowflake too! Riley puts her heart into making homemade gifts for Marcus to let him know how special he is to her, even though her friends warn her that Marcus might think her homemade gifts are lame. When Riley starts receiving presents that are just as thoughtful as her own, she is sure that Marcus is just the boy she's always believed him to be. Is Riley's Secret Snowflake her secret crush...or will she be crushed when she finds out who it is?

Buyea, Rob. The Perfect Score.
October 3rd 2017 by Delacorte Press

From the beloved author of Because of Mr. Terupt and its sequels comes The Perfect Score, a new middle-grade school story with a very special cast of unforgettable characters who discover that getting the perfect score--both on the test and in life--is perhaps not so perfect after all. No one likes or wants to take the statewide assessment tests. Not the students in Mrs. Woods's sixth-grade class, not even their teacher. It's not like the kids don't already have things to worry about. . . . Under pressure to be the top gymnast her mother expects her to be, RANDI starts to wonder what her destiny truly holds. Football-crazy GAVIN has always struggled with reading and feels as dumb as his high school-dropout father. TREVOR acts tough and mean, but as much as he hates school, he hates being home even more. SCOTT's got a big brain and an even bigger heart, especially when it comes to his grandfather, but his good intentions always backfire in spectacular ways. NATALIE, know-it-all and aspiring lawyer, loves to follow the rules--only this year, she's about to break them all. The whole school is in a frenzy with test time approaching--kids, teachers, the administration. Everyone is anxious. When one of the kids has a big idea for acing the tests, they're all in. But things get ugly before they get better, and in the end, the real meaning of the perfect score surprises them all.

Ms. Yingling


  1. I think I'm ~11 as a reader. Old enough to sneak copies of my mom's grown-up mysteries, but not that interested in any of the more explicit grown-up stuff.

  2. About all I ever read is MG and PBs. They're the best!

  3. Proof once again that girls mature more quickly than boys!I'm permanently 10 years old. (as are most men)