Sunday, January 01, 2017


The winners have been announced!

So excited! And relieved! Whew! It can be stressful, but we had a great group of books. 

Now, the list will go to the second round judges who will make their selection without my help. This is a good thing, because I was ridiculously pleased about both Ms. Bixby's Last Day and Slacker. I could never pick one from the list!

Oh, and there are other divisions as well. 


  1. So happy to see Ms. Bixby's Last Day made the list!

  2. Seven Finalists! Wow! 2016 must have been a good year for MG. (I am currently reading GHOST, and will immediately tag all the others as potential reads for 2017.) Congrats to all the finalists, and gratitude for the 1st round panelists. I know from experience how hard you work.