Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You're Invited Too (RSVP #2)

21862595Malone, Jen and Nall, Gail. You're Invited Too (RSVP #2)
February 16th 2016 by Simon & Schuster Aladdin Mix 
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

The girls are back after RSVP: You're Invited, and Sadie is a little worried-- her party planning business has been hired by Alexandra Worthington to plan her wedding. The catch? Alexandra has just fired Sadie's mom before hiring the girls. She's not happy to find that the company is run by teenagers, but decides that their references are good, and proceeds to besiege them with unreasonable demands, like having one of them fly to Paris to pick up eclairs from a particular bakery! Vi is struggling with several issues-- her father has been hired as custodian at her school, and Linney is making fun of her AND dating Lance, Vi's crush! Becca is taken by the new boy in town, Philippe, but worried what he will think of her new braces. Lauren is trying to keep her A+ grades, polish her resume for college, and still have fun. The girls enjoy planning the wedding, but get a little tired of Alexandra's incessant demands, especially as the wedding nears and a hurricane threatens Sandpiper Beach. Will they be able to put on a wedding and save their company's reputation?

Strengths: Like Greenwald's Dog Beach series, this has an attractive, seaside community setting, a fun business, and good friends. The adults are supportive, if busy, and the general feeling of this book is upbeat. As a middle school student, this was my very favorite sort of book to read-- one that detailed the lives of girls similar to me, but who lived in a different place and had different sorts of friends and interests. 

Weaknesses: It was a stretch to believe that Alexandra would hire tweens to plan her wedding, or that she would demand a nut free peanut butter and chocolate wedding cake, but it was funny. 

What I really think: Definitely purchasing, but still waiting for a book where the girls have a less "girly" business. Could also use a book with boys who set up a business. 

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