Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fun Nonfiction Series

There is no reason that nonfiction has to be boring. I've looked into most of the titles in these series and purchased the vast majority. I've also READ them, and they really are fun. We forget how much students don't know about the history of every day objects. Since these are not trade books, they tend to be a bit pricey, but if I look at the number of circulations each book has, they are well worth it!

27178349Checkerboard Biography Library: Toy Trailblazers

Slater, Lee 

Barbie Developer Ruth Handler  
Board Game Builder Milton Bradley
Crayola Creators Edward Binney and C. Harold Smith 
LEGO manufacturers : the Kristiansen family
Play-Doh Pioneer Joseph McVicker
Slinky Innovators The James Family

cover_imagePilot: Brands We Know. Bellweather Media

Green, Sara.


cover_imageCheckboard Library: Food Dudes

Mattern, Joanne 

Ben & Jerry : ice cream manufacturers 
Clarence Birdseye : frozen food innovator
 The Kellogg family : breakfast cereal pioneers 
The Mars family : M&M Mars candy makers
Milton Hershey : Hershey's chocolate creator
Ray Kroc : McDonald's restaurants builder 
Robert Cade : Gatorade inventor 
William Wrigley Jr. : Wrigley's Chewing Gum founder 

17244238Enslow: Inventors at Work!

Various authors

The chocolate chip cookie queen : Ruth Wakefield and her yummy inventionby 
The coolest inventor : Willis Haviland Carrier and his air conditioner
Microwave man : Percy Spencer and his sizzling invention 
Scuba man : Jacques Cousteau and his amazing underwater invention 
The woman who invented windshield wipers : Mary Anderson and her wonderful invention 

Scholastic: You Wouldn't Want to Live Without...

At least 18 titles!

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