Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two Lies and a Spy

17162080Carlton, Kat. Two Lies and a Spy
3 September 2013, Simon and Schuster

Kari and Charlie know what to do if they get a text from their government agent father that means there is an emergency-- they both duck out of school, pick up emergency back packs from a locker, and start towards the place they are to meet their parents. Things get complicated when a man who works with their parents tries to abduct them, and they can't find their parents. Kari enlists the help of two boys from her school as well as her best friend, Rita. Luke she likes, but British Evan is hot but obnoxious. The group manage to find out that the parents are being accused of wrongdoings, and attempt to get them out, which means hacking into computers as well as breaking into highly classified buildings. A cliff-hanger ending indicates that this might be a series.
Strengths: This had a lot of sass going on, with Kari being in the company of two attractive boys, getting to rock her inner goth chick as a disguise, and kick evil secret agents' butts. I love spy books a lot, and this had some decent moments.
Weaknesses: Perhaps this is more young adult, but it was slow to get started. Well, no-- it started out well but then got mired in arranging to work with the boys, and took forever to pick up. I'm still debating buying it, because my 8th grade girls would adore the sass, and perhaps they are not as impatient as I am (since my tastes have become that of a 12-year-old boy) with the lack of immediate action.

13580951 What I really want to read is United We Spy! If I ever get out to a store, I may have to BUY a copy!

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  1. It's funny: I just got back into reading YA some more after mostly MG, and found myself impatient too :-)

    This book sounds like it might be perfect for a dreamy teen girl (may try it out on mine...).